Each unique design is hand-sculpted in clay or wax ensuring that it is, in fact, one-of-a-kind. A one-time mold is then poured around the clay or wax piece. When the mold is dry and the original design eliminated, ground colored glass (frit) is precisely placed into each mold to achieve the colors and variations desired.

The mold is then kiln fired until the glass flows together, creating each individual color pattern. It is cooled very slowly to ensure glass strength before the mold is broken and the glass extracted. The rough glass is ground and finished, either with a second firing in the kiln to glaze the surface or hand polished using lapidary tools.

Carol combines the techniques of pâte de verre and cast glass-making  with her own handcrafted metal designs in Sterling silver and/or 18-karet gold to complete each unique and  remarkable piece.


pâte de verre and cast-glass works of art



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